Prva Petoletka

Prva PetoletkaOur company is pleased to offer you pneumatic and hydraulic equipment for road and other systems of commercial vehicles manufactured by "Prva Petoletka", Trstenik.

Among other, we have the following parts in stock:

  1. air compressors
  2. combined unloaders
  3. brake valves
  4. brake cylinders
  5. relay valves
  6. shut-off cocks and coupling heads
  7. trailer control valves
  8. trailer brake valves
  9. clutch and servo cylinders
  10. cleaners and anti-freezers
  11. levelling valves
  12. check, charging and two-way valves
  13. load sensing valves
  14. brake hydraulic cylindres and other.


For retailers we approve stimulating discounts depending on the order quantities and way of payment. For more information, please visit our CONTACT PAGE.